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Lior Immanuel Fischer
Fischer International, Marketing & Consulting GMBH. is a Marketing & Consulting firm, registered in 2011, based in Switzerland. We offer an e-marketing and business strategy, which is aligned to the fast changing and developing market.
In addition we built your web-software development, corporate design (your logo) and do your search engine optimization, which leads you to success

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I offer an e-marketing and business strategy, which is aligned to the fast changing and developing market. I provide consulting and high-class web-development using best software engineering methods and marketing expertise.

Lior Fischer
Founder, CEO

Nice to meet!

I have 12 years of experience in Software development area. I help Lior to establish Product and Process management on his software development teams.

Andrii Pavlenko


Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a complex process determining products or services of customers’ interest as well as strategy of sales, communications and business development. It generates a strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication and development. It is an integrated process empowering companies to build strong customer relationships and create
true value for both their customers and themselves. The term “marketing concept” discovers the internal dependency between achievement of organizational goals and understanding of true needs of targeted markets. Satisfaction of organizational objectives requires anticipation of consumers’ needs that allows fitting them better than competitors do.

Business Consulting

Organizations improve their performance mainly through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. Consultancy may provide more effective approach to organizational change management, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement.
Management consultants generally bring their own unique methodologies and frameworks to identify a root ofthe problems and provide useful recommendations for more efficient ways of task performance.

Remote Offshore Teams

We are available online 24 hours a day across the world. In the remote workplace right tool is the key boosting both better team organization and communication. Google Hangouts is helpful for ad-hoc one-on-one meetings and GoToMeeting is useful for bigger team chats making it easy to work in a real time. During these chats, it's always fun to have
a five-minute personal check up just to see what the other person/people are up to. Trello acts as a default roadmap allowing to addto a to-do list new items anytime. GitHub houses all code related project management.

Web Development & Design

Web design embodies a blend of extraordinary skills and disciplines involved into web-production and maintenance. We keep focus on user experience design and search engine optimization.
We are not looking for easy ways, but prefer clean design with thought through details matching all the basics of usability. Our focus is quality and information.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We are always ready to take on a new challenge, create and develop truly exciting projects that bring exceptional results and future growth of your company.

We’re Punctual

We appreciate your time and do our best to meet the established deadlines. Experience is the key that helps us deliver value within the established deadline.

We have magic

True magic is always beneath the surface. We do our best to satisfy a customer and go beyond the expectations while delivering a product desirable on the market.

Simplicity - is the art

We use only what you need. It is about creating idea that is streamlined and focused around only those people and things that enrich you.

We’re responsible

Skilled to see right through a business. We take care about your business and sales. We are not looking for excuse, but always find tools to implement the most desired goals of our clients.

We're Listening

We investigate your business inside and out through learning to understand your needs. We figure out what the heartbeat of the company is that allows us to deliver truly amazing product.

What people say?

Lior Immanuel is also a good photographer! Take care! Thanks!

John Jani.

What people say?

Very great....very thanks dear Immanuel.........Good ideas and great implementation.........thanks and good evening.......

Pablo Picardo.

What people say?

Great style! :) i love the services Lior provided!...(Well,I do, a lot) Thanks!

Jeff Keller.

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